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Our powerful platform connects employers with temporary workers to create value for the
business and better wages for the workers

What UA is?

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Ultra Agent (UA) is a powerful technology platform with the capability to transform the current agency worker business model across multiple industries. As the fourth industrial revolution powers modern commerce and business, it is creating new opportunities to transform how client/supplier relationships work.

The offering is a multi-sided platform product, linking and bringing together employers on one side and agency/temporary workers on the other side. But it is a lot more than that, creating opportunities for vertical and horizontal integration and growth, in the process creating significant enterprise value.

UA is uniquely qualified to succeed because of its:

  • Superior customer needs satisfaction, on both sides of the platform

  • Service delivery efficiencies in-built into our platform

  • UA is led by an experienced and skilled management team and committed to hiring great people

  • Geographic location, as it can be used anywhere in the UK

  • Product market superiority, reflected by an innovative approach to resolving temporary work challenges

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How it works

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Accept and
manage own

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iOS and Android apps for workers
and employers,complemented
by a website

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Post and manage

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Innovative features and use of technology for the temporary worker recruitment market.


Means we can offer lower prices than traditional agencies


Continuous enhancement and development platform will add more features for you


Tech foundations built to scale and cater all sizes of business


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By harnessing the power of technology, Ultra Agent aims to build a platform that enables the removal of exorbitant agency fees/margins whilst offering agency workers attractive rates.

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The platform operates 24/7, available
anywhere, anytime, any place.

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Our design principles mean the
product is designed and built for
ease of use, for employers and
agency workers.

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Built to scale

The UA platform caters to all types of businesses from small organisations to the largest corporations. We aim to scale aggressively, and capture market share. Volumes will be important for viability as the business is setup to be a low-margin venture. The business model leverages and is underpinned by variable

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Economies of scale

Minimal overheads (unlike a traditionalagency business) UA benefits from economies of scale as the business grows.

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Innovative features for the agency worker market

For example, the use of geo-location, electronic registration, online timesheets and speed of payment

Become an UA Employer

Register Today and Start Hiring
Choose from over 50,000 verified skilled or profesional workers for maximum performance

Key benefits for you:
  • Experience and well-vetted staff

  • Ability to select the best staff based on their ratings

  • Flexibility to chosse from a large pool of staff

  • 24/7 availability of the platform, and very responsive support

  • Significant savings on agence fees (up to 20%)

  • Flexible booking of shifts

  • Automated processing for timesheets

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Become an UA worker

Registering and creating an account on Ultra Agent is 100% free and simple. Simply download the
"Ultra Agent Worker" app from the i0S/Google Play store and start taking shifts

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Key benefits for you:
  • Enjoy higher wages than traditional agencies

  • Have flexibility regarding which shifts you can fill in and location

  • 24/7 availability of the platform, and very responsive support

  • Quickly grow your network through working across a number of employers

  • Gain recognition through the rating system in place and get preference for future work

  • Take control of your career growth through the flexible working arrangements


Ultra Agent aims to be one of the UK's leading on-demand shifts bookings app for temporary/ad-hoc workers in
a multitude of industries that hire temporary workers. These include health and social care, construction,
hospitality and security and concierge services amongst other industries

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Health and Social Care
  • Doctors
  • General Nurse
  • Doctors
  • Care Workers
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  • Masonry
  • Plumbing
  • Carpenter
  • Electrician
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Security and Concierge
  • Door Supervision
  • Guard
  • CSC Site security
  • CCTV security
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  • House keeping
  • Hotel management
  • Events management
  • Wedding planning
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Suggestion & Review


Emma Edwards

This app is great for temporary workers. You get timely paid for the Time you worked. I highly recommend.

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Suggestion & Review


Bryan Wood

Ultra Agent is the best UK Worker app. Very convinient for taking shifts within your location.I was realy pleased with timely management of shifts.

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Suggestion & Review


Angle Lewis

I have tried a lot of apps with similar purpose but this by far is on the next level. Highly informative and beautiful Graphics.

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